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How not to lose Mavic Pro

  1. If you take off in a strong wind, you need to constantly monitor the horizontal speed and position of the copter on the map. You should remember, at different heights, the wind also differs in strength. And in the mountains, the strength and direction of the wind can change dramatically.
  2. If even in the sport mode stick pitch is tilted to the max, and copter is very slow flying or flying back (this is seen by the value of the horizontal speed and position on the map). Or you threw all the sticks and copter must keep the point, but it drifts in P mode – your copter is in danger.
  3. Do not turn on RTH. First of all, we reduce the flight altitude to a little above the level of obstacles (buildings, trees). Usually, the lower the flight altitude, the weaker the wind. If wind very strong at any height, RTH will not return the copter in the RTH mode. It will be blown away and in the end, you will lose drone. If the wind below is noticeably quieter, you can try to press RTH, take a breath and monitor the movement of the copter.
  4. If the drone can’t fly (it blows down), but the point holds, you can keep in place copter at this point and immediately got to it. To do this, you need to enable HOVER mode in DJI go settings: general settings – advanced settings – failsafe mode. No one will steal it, you can landing it when you get to device. This option is suitable if you are not far from the drone (it has enough battery power to hang at a point). But if the copter is a kilometer or more away from you, in an unknown area, then this option is not suitable.
  5. If the copter can’t fly and doesn’t hold the point and it’s far away from you, then there is no recourse but to need to look for an emergency landing place. When landing, the signal will probably disappear and device will turn on RTH mode. So you have two options for land the copter:
  • to set a new “Home” point at your current location. The main thing that the copter did not fly out of the circle, a radius of 20m. Otherwise, it will not land and will begin to perform RTH with the rise to the height of the return.
  • or more reliable way – enable in DJI Go settings: general settings – advanced settings – failsafe mode LANDING mode.

Crock-Pot slow cooker collections

In this article, you will find a short description of the slow cookers collections of the popular Crock Pot brand. Also at the end, there will be a comparative table of slow cooker parameters.

Casserole Crock

Let’s start with the Casserole Crock collection- 4 slow cookers of 2.5 and 3.5 quarts. Two oval and two rectangular shapes, one of which is digitally controlled. Also, slow cookers in the collection have Secure-fit locking lid (except model SCCPCCM250N).

Smart Pot collection

The collection consists of two oval-shaped models of 4 and 6 quarts. Both have a flat digital panel on which you can select high or low cooking mode. At high, the cooking time is 4 or 6 hours, at low 8 or 10 hours. After the cooking time has expired, the slow cooker shifts to keep-warm mode.

Cook & Carry collection

The Cook & Carry ™ collection is designed to safely transport cooked food. Thanks to the reliable locking lid, you can transport food, cooked at home, right in the slow cooker.

Don’t forget – the slow cooker should always be unlocked, during cooking. The locking function is only intended for transportation purpose.

Lift & Serve collection

The Lift & Serve –  series of slow cookers with hinged lid. Makes serving and stirring easier. There are 4 slow cookers in this collection – two of 4 and 4.5 quarts and two for 6 quarts each.

Lunch Crock collection

The Lunch Crock® – lunch tote and food warmer in one. that warms while you work for delicious on-the-go meals that are ready when and wherever you are.

Below you can see a table that will help you to know :

main parameter for slow cooker

replacement stoneware for slow cooker

replacement lid for slow cooker

Model numberServesShapeControl TypeSizeTypeColorFeaturesPre-Set TimersCustomizable TimerLocking-Lidstoneware modellid model
SCCPVC600LH-S7+OvalDigital6-Qt.Travel FriendlyBlackCountdown Timer,
Hinged Lid
30 min - 20 hoursV156013-000-090187530-000-000
SCCPVC400H-PY5+OvalDigital4-Qt.Classic-Hinged LidV129993-000-000193000-000-000
SCCPVP450H-B5+OvalDigital4.5 Qt.ClassicBlackHinged LidV-
SCCPVM600H-BI7+OvalManual6-Qt.ClassicBlackHinged Lid158479-001-090183603-000-000
SCCPVL610-S-A7+OvalDigital6-Qt.Travel FriendlyStainless SteelCountdown TimerV30 min - 20 hoursV164524-000-090156515-900-090
SCCPVC605-S-A7+OvalDigital6-Qt.-Stainless SteelCountdown Timer-30 min - 20 hours-156013-000-090
SCCPVS600ECP-S7+OvalDigital6-Qt.Travel FriendlyStainless SteelCountdown Timer, Single-Hand Carry-30 min - 20 hoursV156013-000-090181260-000-000
SCCPVC600EC-S7+OvalDigital6-Qt.Travel FriendlyStainless SteelCountdown Timer, Single-Hand Carry30 min - 20 hoursV156013-000-090185888-000-000
184518-000-000 (non-locking)
SCCPLC240-PRServes 1RoundManual24-Oz.Travel FriendlyPurpleTravel Friendly,
Single-Hand Carry
SCCPCCM250-BT3+OvalManual2.5 Qt.ClassicPatternTravel Friendly--V191768-000-000191768-000-000(without locking lid)
SCCPCCM350-CR4+Rectangular 9” x 13”Manual3.5-Qt.Travel FriendlyCranberryTravel Friendly--V173658-000-000173660-000-000
SCCPVL610-R-A7+OvalDigital6-Qt.Travel FriendlyRedTravel Friendly-30 min - 20 hoursV164524-000-090156515-900-090
SCCPCT600-B7+OvalDigital6-Qt.Travel FriendlyBlackTravel Friendl-30 min - 20 hoursV164524-000-090156515-900-090
SCCPVL603-R7+OvalManual6-Qt.Travel FriendlyRed---V164524-000-090156515-900-090
SCCPVL710-B-A8+OvalDigital7-Qt.Travel FriendlyBlackCountdown Timer-30 min - 20 hoursV163875-000-0907,92E+12
32041-C-NP2 or lessRoundManual2-Qt.ClassicStainless Steel-----
5025-WG-NP3+RoundManual2.5 Qt.Classic------
SCR450-MASTER5+RoundManual4.5 Qt.ClassicPattern----129997-000-000
SCV603-R-NP7+OvalManual6-Qt.ClassicRedTravel Friendly---156013-000-090
SCVT650-PS-A-NP7+OvalDigital6.5 Qt.ClassicStainless SteelCountdown Timer-30 min - 20 hours-177225-000-090
SCV700-K-MASTER8+OvalManual7-Qt.ClassicMetallic Charcoal----158505-001-090
SCCPVF710-P-WM8+OvalDigital7-Qt.ClassicStainless SteelCountdown Timer-30 min - 20 hours-158505-001-090
SCV800-MASTER10+OvalManual8-Qt.ClassicStainless Steel----183111-000-000
SCCPLC200-PK-NP2 or lessRound---Pink----154441-000-000-
SCCPCCP350-SS4+Rectangular 9” x 13”Digital3.5-Qt.Travel FriendlyStainless SteelCountdown Timer30 min - 20 hoursV173658-000-000173660-000-000
SCCPCTS605-S-A7+OvalDigital6-Qt.Travel FriendlyStainless SteelCountdown TimerVV164524-000-090156515-900-090
SCCP-DTC12-CNC6-8+OvalManual6-Qt.Travel FriendlyStainless SteelTravel FriendlyV164524-000-090156515-900-090
SCR151-WG-NP2+RoundManual1 to 3ClassicWhite-
SCCPVC600AS-P7+OvalDigital6-Qt.-Stainless SteelCountdown Timer,
Automatic Stirring
30 min - 20 hours170752-000-000
SCCPVI600-S7+OvalDigital6-Qt.ClassicStainless SteelCountdown Timer, Browning30 min - 20 hours178987-000-000
SCCPVP600-S-A7+OvalDigital6-Qt.-Stainless Steel-V183602-000-000164524-000-090
SCV803-SS10+OvalManual8-Qt.ClassicStainless Steel-183111-000-000
SCCPVFC800-DS10+OvalDigital8-Qt.ClassicStainless Steel-30 min - 20 hours185891-000-000
SCCPCCM350-BW4+Rectangular 9” x 13”Manual3.5-Qt.Travel FriendlyBlack & White PatternTravel Friendly--V173658-000-000173660-000-000
SCCPCCM350-CH4+Rectangular 9” x 13”Manual3.5-Qt.Travel FriendlyCharcoalTravel Friendly--V173658-000-000173660-000-000
SCCPCCM355-SS4+Rectangular 9” x 13”Manual3.5-Qt.Travel FriendlyStainless SteelTravel Friendly--V173658-000-000173660-000-000
SCCPCCM350-BL4+Rectangular 9” x 13”Manual3.5-Qt.Travel FriendlyMidnight BlueTravel Friendly--V173658-000-000173660-000-000
SCCPCCP350-CR4+Rectangular 9” x 13”Digital3.5-Qt.Travel FriendlyCranberryCountdown Timer30 min - 20 hoursV173658-000-000173660-000-000
SCCPCCM250N-GY-WM13+OvalManual2.5 Qt.ClassicPatternhigh, low and warm settings---191768-000-000191768-000-000
SCCPCCM250N-R-WM13+OvalManual2.5 Qt.ClassicPatternhigh, low and warm settings---191768-000-000191768-000-000
SCCPVL600-S7+OvalManual6-Qt.Travel FriendlySilver---V164524-000-090156004-900-090
SCCPVLF605-B7+OvalDigital6-Qt.Travel FriendlyBlackV-V164524-000-090156515-900-090
SCCPLC200-BL-NP2 or lessRound---Blue----154441-000-000-
SCCPLC200-R-NP2 or lessRound---Red----154441-000-000-
SCCPLC200-BK2 or lessRound---Black & Sky Blue----154441-000-000-
SCCPLC200-G-NP2 or lessRound---Black & White----154441-000-000-
SCCPLC200-GY2 or lessRound---Grey & Lime----154441-000-000-
SCCPLC240-BLServes 1RoundManual24-Oz.Travel FriendlyBlue----184787-000-000-